Thursday, July 9, 2015

The One That Got Away

Ladies, have you ever thought to your self "what if he was the one?"  Let's face it, we have all dated a guy in the past and then later in life started to wonder could he be the one that got away?! 

In this case it's kinda reversed. I've had 2 guys that I've dated in the past that have at one time or another seeked me out again and have said the exact words of "I've always wondered what it would be like if we were still together?" It's somewhat flattering and somewhat frustrating. Is it because they have failed relationships and want to reach back into their past? Or is it because they truly feel that way now? 

Some would say that exes are that for a reason. And we all know that relationships end for all sorts of reasons. In my case both relationships didn't end on bad terms. They simply ended because at the time we were young and in different places in our lives. So it does beg the question: What if?

I think as women we tend to struggle with this question sometimes. Wondering if we passed up on "the one" or wonder could it be different now that both people are older and maybe wiser? 

We all know the phrase "leave the past in the past". Why dig up old feelings and make them fit into your present life?  But I'm sure in some scenarios it has worked out for some couples. Maybe rekindling the flame years later is not such an awful idea if both people are invested in it. 

So I say you be the judge of your own heart. You never know, YOU could be the one that got away.❤️


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