Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Self Check!

Sometimes you just have to look in the mirror, pull yourself together, tell yourself to stop being fearful of the unknown and remind yourself that you are capable of amazing things! LITERALLY had to have that conversation with myself today.

Since I recently resigned from my job and am currently taking a hiatus from the 9-5 world, lately I have been feeling displaced. I'm a planner by nature and I thrive on working and feeling accomplished. So now that I am venturing out to do my own projects. The days are less organized and I have been feeling less accomplished. Fear is also partly to be blamed. It's the fear of not knowing what lies ahead. And I know there will be many hiccups along the way. That's part of the risk of the journey.  But hey everyone has to start from somewhere and I'm pretty sure I'm not the first to have these feelings. For so long I have been so focused on my career that I forgot to focus on what makes me truly happy. I hope to accomplish much success with this blog and my handbag designs one day. Giving life to these two things is what gets me excited everyday. So I plan to do everything I can to make it a reality for myself. Sometimes in life you have to push yourself harder. Nothing worth having comes easy. 

XO, Rae

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