Thursday, October 15, 2015

Thursday Things: What I am Loving Right Now

Here is another round up of things I am currently loving! Tell me what you are loving right now in the comments below. 

1. MUSIC- Loving the former two Danity Kane ladies new album DUMBLONDE. This album is full of dance pop songs. My favorite song is 'Carry On'. Check out more here on the new duo. 

2. NAILS- OBSESSED with the FALL 2015 Nail Colors. Check out what's hot for fall according to REFINERY29.

3. FITNESS- In efforts to shed some lbs before my Birthday. I have recently enjoyed doing some workouts from What's better than a fitness program created by women for women? Download the app for Booty Call AM workouts, recipes and more! 

Have a great rest of the week!

XO, Rae

Thursday, October 8, 2015

Passionate Women & The Life They Lead

I love sharing articles that I find and hopefully you enjoy reading them. I recently came across this article on titled '13 Things Passionate Women Do Differently & Why They Stand Out From The Crowd.' I found this to be an interesting read and a few of the characteristics stood out for me personally.

#2 She smiles a lot- I will never forget the time I was called out at a staff meeting for being "the girl who is always smiling". I was new to my job and the CEO of the company decided to call me out in front of everyone. I mean at least it was a compliment but, I'm sure I got a few eye rolls from people. I would say that I definitely try to be the cheerleader for others. Especially in my experience as a manager, I try to be the energetic positive person. Smiling is contagious, after all. 

#7 She loves harder- I think I have always had this trait even as a young child. When I love, I give my everything. Maybe this is why I experience dissapointment on a deeper level. I believe there is nothing more powerful than loving someone whether it be in a relationship, with family or friends.

#11 She's constantly changing- Change within yourself is necessary. I think in order to grow you have to be open to change. And I have definitely embraced change more now than ever in my thirties. Although change is scary, so is regret.

So go ahead, stand out and LIVE PASSIONATELY.

XO, Rae 

Thursday, October 1, 2015

Fall To-Do List

{Photo taken at Grand Lake Lodge in Colorado}

I's finally starting to cool down here in New York City after being hot and humid the past few days. I can't wait to finally sip on a PSL and wear my favorite sweater and ankle boots. I also have some other things I am looking forward to doing this fall. Here is a look at my to-do list. 

1. Capture the perfect photo and create a Holiday Card to send to friends and family. I am thinking about ordering through SimplyToImpress.

2. Make a trip to Bath & Body Works to pick up some of my favorite scented candles.

3. Plan a day trip to a winery. This one has a tasting room in a renovated barn. 

4. Find some decor ideas for the table when hosting "FRIENDSGIVING" this year. I think this would be fun and easy. Love these purple ideas.

5. Enjoy the best of things to do in New York during Autumn. Of course this includes seeing the fall foliage in Central Park.

6. Find the perfect pair of snow boots. I want stylish but functional. So far, I like these the most. 

7. Visit the New York Botanical Garden to see the FRIDA KAHLO exhibit. 

8. Bake up some new recipes. This one looks yummy!

9. See the Broadway Show WICKED

10. Go to the iconic Village Halloween Parade

XO, Rae