Thursday, July 23, 2015

Brooklyn Bridge

    View of Manhattan

    Found some LOVE Locks on the bridge ❤️

A few weeks ago I finally took a trip down to the iconic Brooklyn Bridge.  I have been wanting to walk the Brooklyn Bridge since my very first trip to New York a few years ago. Now that I live in the city, it only seems fitting to go.  My roommates Will and Danny along with some friends visiting from out of town all decided to make a day of it and head to the Brooklyn Bridge.

As we got closer to the Brooklyn Bridge from the Manhattan side, you first walk along side the highway and soon start to see the infamous arches of the bridge. As you get toward the middle you start to see views of both Manhattan and Brooklyn. It's the most amazing views. For me it was a bit emotional. It was the day after my last day at my job and standing there on the bridge was surreal. It reminded me that in life you can be in between two points and you have the choice as to which one you decide to embark upon. I definitely had some moments of pure happiness as well walking the bridge. To be there with Will, my best friend of over 10+ years, was amazing to experience it together. And a day that I will never forget. 

For anyone visiting or living in New York, the Brooklyn Bridge is a must see! 

XO, Rae 

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