Friday, June 12, 2015

Personal Growth

Living in New York has made me realize a few things about myself. I am way more comfortable outside of my comfort zone than I have ever been before. New York exposes you to so much more in every day life. You are constantly surrounded by people. It's true, your personal space is completely invaded most of the time. From crowded streets, subway stations and even grocery stores.  But the great thing is that you have a lot more chances in meeting some amazing people. Everyday is like a new experience filled with new opportunities.

I have also learned to embrace change head on. Change used to be something that made me feel anxious and I often avoided it. I had a lot of change in my childhood and I think that made me fearful of change in my adult life. (I'll go into more of that later) I have settled into the City and adapted to my new life pretty well in the past 8 months. Moving in general can be overwhelming but moving to New York adds a whole new level. Smaller space, roommates, no car, public transportation, longer work hours....the list goes on! All of which now seem "normal" to me. I love living here in the City and for once I welcome the change that comes with it.

Fear of failure is also something I am learning to let go of. I no longer want to say "What If?" I want to live the life I imagine for myself and put my fears aside. It can be scary to chase dreams but having regrets are scarier. I would rather say that I tried and failed than have never tried at all. I'm learning that the journey is more important than the end result. I've created this Blog to document my journey in NYC and in hopes that women can relate to the honesty of embracing your thirties. In addition I am writing a book based on relationships, friendships and lessons learned. My goal is to one day publish my book. 

I guess you can say New York has changed me. Or maybe it's that I've allowed myself to be more open to this experience. Either way, I'm grateful for the growth.

XO, Rae

Saturday, June 6, 2015

Saturday Vibes

Happy Saturday ya'll!!! Nothing better than fresh flowers to brighten up your day. One of the things I love about the City is that there are tons of flower vendors on almost every corner. After a long week at work, I met up with my best friend for dinner last night. On our way to the restaurant, I spotted these sunflowers and immediately had to stop and buy them. Something about flowers instantly cheers you up. And they look pretty in my kitchen :)

Enjoy your Saturday!! 

XO -Rae