Saturday, August 15, 2015

Last Days of SUMMER

HAPPY SATURDAY! I can't believe Summer is almost over! Feels like it went by so fast. I am definitely enjoying my first Summer here in New York City. And I'm so happy that I have had the time off to actually enjoy it. There is so much to do in this City, it amazes me! I will be sharing MY favorites of Summer things to do in NYC, soon!

I recently spent the day in Long Island at Jones Beach with some friends and went fishing off the piers. I haven't been fishing in years! It was so relaxing and just a fun day out on the water. Sometimes escaping the city for even just a day is nice. We all need a break from the hustle here every once in awhile. Can't wait to share the rest of my Summer adventures with you! Stayed tuned for more up on the blog! 

Enjoy your weekend! GO SOAK up the rest of those SUMMER Days! :) 

XO, Rae

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