Friday, August 28, 2015

Your Job Shouldn't Define Who You Are

Lately, I dread the question "what do you do?"  It's often the first thing asked when meeting new people. It's only natural to ask someone in effort to get to know them, but it often comes with a reaction based on the answer given. I have never had hesitation in answering to others what my career is until now. I have always had a job and position in which I was excited to share and tell about. But now that I am not working, this question has made me almost cringe when asked. I have yet to quite figure out how to answer this question. 

Not because I am embarrassed but because I want people to know more about me and not just how I pay my bills. It's not like I want to just say well, I quit my high paying job to stay home, write about my life and sketch handbags. Doesn't sound so appealing, right? And honestly most people may not understand it. Especially new people that come into my life. I'm pretty sure my parents and friends are still trying to wrap their minds around it. I feel like no matter how I answer the question, it sounds the same. And my career prior to now almost feels discredited because new people in my life don't know my prior accomplishments.

Let's be honest, when you find out someone isn't working, usually the reaction is negative or envious. You might even make a comment like "oh, must be nice." I'm sure I have been guilty of this myself. Regardless of the reason why, not having a defined job can have a negative connotation. Often we judge others based on what they do for a living. Especially living in New York, career is everything. You walk among movers and shakers on the streets everyday. Most people move here only to take their career to the next level. Don't get me wrong. I have zero regrets about quitting my job. Your job should be what you do, not who you are. For once in my life, I'm not known as "girl who works to much". My job was my life. I barely allowed for anything else to take place because I was always putting work first. And most of the time I wasn't happy.

There is more to me than what I do what for a living. I am a creative, ambitious, loyal to a fault girl who will always want the most out of life. I'd be lying if I said I wasn't scared of failure but I want to know that I at least tried. I am constantly evolving and growing into the person I want to become. Who I am today is not who I was ten years ago or even 10 months ago for that matter. I hope to add 'Successful Entrepreneur' to my next resume!

XO, Rae

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