Thursday, October 8, 2015

Passionate Women & The Life They Lead

I love sharing articles that I find and hopefully you enjoy reading them. I recently came across this article on titled '13 Things Passionate Women Do Differently & Why They Stand Out From The Crowd.' I found this to be an interesting read and a few of the characteristics stood out for me personally.

#2 She smiles a lot- I will never forget the time I was called out at a staff meeting for being "the girl who is always smiling". I was new to my job and the CEO of the company decided to call me out in front of everyone. I mean at least it was a compliment but, I'm sure I got a few eye rolls from people. I would say that I definitely try to be the cheerleader for others. Especially in my experience as a manager, I try to be the energetic positive person. Smiling is contagious, after all. 

#7 She loves harder- I think I have always had this trait even as a young child. When I love, I give my everything. Maybe this is why I experience dissapointment on a deeper level. I believe there is nothing more powerful than loving someone whether it be in a relationship, with family or friends.

#11 She's constantly changing- Change within yourself is necessary. I think in order to grow you have to be open to change. And I have definitely embraced change more now than ever in my thirties. Although change is scary, so is regret.

So go ahead, stand out and LIVE PASSIONATELY.

XO, Rae 

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