Friday, September 25, 2015

It's Not Me, It's You

Mandy Hale, otherwise known as The Single Women posted this quote the other day on her FB page. (Go follow her, seriously) It was just too good not to share. My last serious relationship was one that took me awhile to get over. The love was always there between us but unfortunately he wasn't always there. I wanted to hold on so bad that I ultimately lost myself in the process. I'm sure some of you can relate to having that one relationship that you wish you could go back and tell yourself to run! Although the relationship has been over for some time now, when I read this quote it resonated with me. I mean this isn't a new concept but, something about seeing the words and reading it out loud hit me hard. I can remember trying to justify why he did what he did in our relationship. Why he stepped out. Why he made me feel like it was me. Why he couldn't commit. And there I would be trying to make it all sound less shitty by pointing out all of my imperfections in the relationship and taking some of the blame. When here is the simple truth. He couldn't offer me what I deserved in a relationship. We tried so many times to put the pieces back together that I lost count. And even though I have moved on, I wish I would have realized sooner that I wasn't asking for too much in our relationship. It's sad that we can allow someone to make us feel as if we are asking for too much so we start to settle for what they can actually offer us and make excuses for the rest. I know deep down I always knew he wouldn't be the one to give me what I needed or deserved, but sometimes it helps to see it in bold letters. We are all worthy of having the right person who can give us everything we deserve and more without feeling as if we are asking for too much. I'm not giving up and neither should you. 

XO, Rae

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